Re: [isabelle] "bad Java executable" for jedit

How did you install Isabelle? If you did it according to jedit is already part of the bundle. I'm only asking because you said "I also installed jedit ..." and this should not be necessary.

What you should do, is stick to the instructions at the above link (if you did not already do so) and try again. No further configuration should be required in this case.



On 02/17/2012 11:32 AM, Siddhartha Gadgil wrote:
        I am a new user. I installed isabelle on an Ubuntu system which
runs with the proof general interface. I also installed jedit and the
two required plugins, which by itself runs. But when I try to launch
Isabelle with jedit, I get a response saying  "bad Java executable"
pointing to a file in the isabelle distribution.
        I could not find configuration instructions anywhere. Could someone help?

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