Re: [isabelle] "bad Java executable" for jedit

On Fri, 17 Feb 2012, Siddhartha Gadgil wrote:

I am a new user. I installed isabelle on an Ubuntu system which runs with the proof general interface. I also installed jedit and the two required plugins, which by itself runs. But when I try to launch Isabelle with jedit, I get a response saying "bad Java executable" pointing to a file in the isabelle distribution.

This is not going to work. Just because Isabelle is build from certain components like "polyml", "jedit", "java" etc. you cannot expect to be able to take arbitrary packages of that name from Ubuntu or any other package repository and hope that it will just work.

Proper system integration of complex applications like Isabelle is a non-trivial task. I am doing this for several years, and it still takes a few weeks before each release to make sure that it will work for users out there.

I could not find configuration instructions anywhere.


For Isabelle/jEdit there is nothing more to do than downloading, unpacking, running the thing.

On Ubuntu you should be able to do all that in the Gnome file manager, or similar. I usually try this out, without telling on the website that it works, because this is what you should expect.


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