Re: [isabelle] xsymbols problem on linux gentoo

On Wed, 4 Jan 2012, Thomas Genet wrote:

Dear all,

we start a course on Isabelle here in Rennes but we have font problems on the desktop computer we use for practical courses.

We use gentoo linux distrib on classroom's computers and its emacs installation does not seem to behave well with Xsymbols. When the Xsymbols mode is activated, depending on the font selected, logic symbols are either partially or badly displayed.

For instance, no difference is made between symbols for "==>" and "=>" (or "-->" and "->") which is quite embarassing.

The official download instructions provide some laconic hints on this

Success depends on a version of Emacs and local fonts. With GNU Emacs 23 and STIXGeneral font it often works. What does Gentoo provide here?

The hint about Isabelle/jEdit in the same place might be also relevant for you. While the new Prover IDE still lacks a few things, it is already usable for many things, especially introductory courses. It avoids most of the well-known installation problems, coming with fonts and everything out of the box.


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