Re: [isabelle] xsymbols problem on linux gentoo

Le 04/01/12 13:14, Makarius a écrit :
The official download instructions provide some laconic hints on this

Success depends on a version of Emacs and local fonts. With GNU Emacs 23
and STIXGeneral font it often works. What does Gentoo provide here?

The hint about Isabelle/jEdit in the same place might be also relevant
for you. While the new Prover IDE still lacks a few things, it is
already usable for many things, especially introductory courses. It
avoids most of the well-known installation problems, coming with fonts
and everything out of the box.

	Dear all,

thanks for the answer.
It seems that the basic installation of emacs on Gentoo is not abble to deal with anti-aliased fonts... and I guess that STIXGeneral is one.

I'll try to fix this out.

Thanks also for the jEdit proposition. I already consider using jEdit but I am afraid that Isabelle/jEdit (even if it has made huge progresses) is still not stable enough for my courses.

Thanks again,

Thomas Genet
Campus de Beaulieu, 35042 Rennes cedex, France
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