Re: [isabelle] xsymbols problem on linux gentoo

Dear Makarius,

Le 04/01/12 14:11, Makarius a écrit :
On Wed, 4 Jan 2012, Thomas Genet wrote:

I already consider using jEdit but I am afraid that Isabelle/jEdit
(even if it has made huge progresses) is still not stable enough for
my courses.

Do you have any concrete issues? The Isabelle2011-1 version is now
beyond the "experimental" stage of Isabelle2011, and I have documented
all known limitations in the README that shows up in the Prover Session
panel. This means such issues are official "features" by definition :-)

Anything beyond that should be reported, to get addressed at some point.
Otherwise we need to stay with the Emacs indefinitely.

I heavily use nitpick/quickcheck and sledgehammer commands for my practical courses and (in my observation) jEdit get stuck more frequently than emacs with those commands.

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