[isabelle] Announcement: The Isabelle Community Wiki

Hi Isabelle users & developers,

we have now a wiki for the Isabelle community:


It is intended for:

 * the lists which are always outdated, like
    - FAQ,
    - projects people working on,
    - theory collections,
    - external tools, 
    - ...

   These lists will not automagically be better maintained because its
   a wiki. But, they are already outdated and having them in a wiki
   at least simplifies their maintenance.

 * managing pages for big changes like:

 * miscellaneous tips and tricks

The pages faq.html, community.html and projects.html are moved to the

To edit the wiki pages you need an account, just write an email to
hoelzl at in.tum.de and I will create an wiki-account for you.

There are special interwiki links to reference the Isabelle repository
or the AFP, see 

Old links like


are now


The old links work, but they should not be used.

I hope you like it,

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