[isabelle] root.bib as link

I just tried adding a reference list to an Isabelle-generated pdf.
Instead of writing a new .bib file, I decided just to link root.bib to
an existing .bib file that had the necessary reference.  Unfortunately,
this didn't result in the reference list being generated and added to
the final Isabelle-generated pdf.  It took me quite a while to figure
out what was wrong, because I haven't used .bib files with Isabelle much
before, so I didn't know if I'd inadvertently done something else wrong.

Because of the re-usability of .bib files in general, it would be useful
to be able to link to a large .bib file that contains all the references
an Isabelle-generated document needs.  Is the present behaviour a
feature or a bug?  (I'm using Isabelle 2009-2.)


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