Re: [isabelle] HOLCF equality


On 07/07/2012, at 2:51 PM, Christian Sternagel wrote:

> When trying to define my own type class (I dropped all axioms for the sake of a minimal example)
> class eq =
>  fixes eq :: "'a → 'a → tr"
> and instantiating the lift type
> declare [[names_long]]
> instantiation lift :: (type) eq
> begin
> I obtain
> Conflict of type arities for classes Representable.predomain <
>                   Bifinite.profinite:
>  Lift.lift :: (HOL.type)
>    Representable.predomain and
>  Lift.lift :: (Countable.countable)
>    Bifinite.profinite

HOLCF is built out on a series of type classes. The most basic class that supports the continuous function space constructor (->) is "cpo".

So the most general definition for your eq class is:

class eq = fixes eq :: "'a::cpo -> 'a -> tr"

I think you can find some discussion in the archives about what the default class is in HOLCF and why it is hard to get it right for all uses.



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