Re: [isabelle] How to Install Isabelle

On Tue, 17 Jul 2012, Mark Wassell wrote:

As an aside, one option when you need to run Isabelle on a Windows
platform, is to use VMPlayer hosting your favourite Linux OS.

I prefer which is not just a player, but a full virtual machine. It allows arbitary combinations of host vs. guest systems: Linux, Mac OS, Windows, in almost all combinations.

Whilst this might seem complex, the steps involved (ie installing Linux) are more established and less prone to error.

Over the years, the Isabelle distribution has moved more and more towards full Windows support. I was reluctant to do that in the past, because it is a lot of extra work, but Mac OS X also tends to suck up a lot of extra resources. Personally, I would prefer to have Linux as the one and only one operating system, but Isabelle is targeted for the world out there, not just for my own machine (Macbook Pro with Ubuntu).

For some reason, many mathematicians seem to prefer Windows, so it needs to be taken seriously.


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