Re: [isabelle] Isabelle/jedit

On 07/23/2012 03:15 PM, Fabian Immler wrote:
2012/7/23 Tobias Nipkow<nipkow at>:
Thank you, that was very helpful, I have installed your macro and will try it
out. Christian's idea of toggling Auto update sounds interesting, too, but I
would need a macro to try it.
Try the attached macro!

It is nice to see how such usability issues can easily be addressed on the user level...

An idea in a similar direction is to open multiple output panels, to make it easier to stare at several states simultaneously. The underlying model should easily support that. Then, each state view could have, e.g., one of the following modes:

  "Fixed" - Never move focus and always display the same state
  "Under cursor" - Always show the state under the cursor
"Latest non-error" - Show the state of the latest command which was processed successfully

Having both "Under cursor" and "Latest non-error" open should cover Tobias' use case quite intuitively, without continuously requiring extra "administrative" keystrokes.


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