Re: [isabelle] Nitpick Output/jEdit Support for Subscripts

On Sat, 28 Jul 2012, Yannick Duchêne (Hibou57) wrote:

Black rectangles mean you have an old version of the IsabelleText font hanging around on your system, such as ~/.fonts/ on Linux. Better delete that, or if you really think you need it indepedently of Isabelle/jEdit, copy afresh from Isabelle2012/lib/fonts/.

For people who get one, is it OK to use Cambria Math instead of the Isabelle font? Looks OK to me, but I prefer to be sure this cannot lead to error due to characters misinterpretation (if both are conform Unicode fonts, this should be really the same).

Let's see it as a project to find out "conformance to Unicode", which is generally not a hard-and-fast concept.

As a quick test, you can open Isabelle2012/etc/symbols and say "Reload with Encoding" in jEdit, and the choose "UTF-8-Isabelle" instead of UTF8, which is normally the default for that file.

The first column should give you glyphs according to Appendix B of -- or you just compare to the IsabelleText version with jEdit, which might require some tricks to get another copy running with the different font.


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