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Thank you for an answer.

According to the indication,

fun gvar_changename :: "Prog => GvarList => GvarList" where
"gvar_changename pr1 xs = map (%x. case x of GV a b => GV a (fst pr1 @ b)) xs"

by the above, I was able to describe a definition without a problem.

However, in proof, a problem happened.

lemma pre_lim_gl:
"(distinct (Prog_GvarList pr2)) ==> (distinct (gvar_changename pr2 (Prog_GvarList pr2)))"
thm gvar_changename.simps
unfolding gvar_changename.simps
apply (simp add:distinct_map)
apply (simp add:inj_on_def)

"case" emerged in subgoal, and proof did not advance.
I think that I asked you a question many times that I am sorry, but please instruct it.


datatype  Type = PInt | PDouble

  char = A | B | C | D | E | F

type_synonym str = "char list"

type_synonym FileName = str
datatype Gvar = GV Type str
type_synonym GvarList = "Gvar list"

type_synonym Prog = "(FileName * GvarList * Funcs * Main)"

"Funcs" and "Main" , define it at other places, but do not use it here.


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