Re: [isabelle] How to invoke Z3 from Isabelle

Hi Joshua,

Z3 cannot be invoked directly from Isabelle. It is wrapped into a layer to ease the interaction for users. You can invoke Z3 from Isabelle interactively for proving theorems, e.g. as follows:

  lemma "P & Q --> P" using [[smt_solver=z3]] by smt

Yet, it is more convenient to use Z3 as a backend prover of Sledgehammer (see the Sledgehammer tutorial that is distributed with, e.g., Isabelle-2012).

There is also an API in ML if you want to programmatically interface with Z3. You can find it in the Isabelle-2011 distribution in file src/HOL/Tools/SMT/smt_solver.ML.

If that is not what you want to do, you might want to have a look into JNI [1] to build an interface between Z3's C-API and Java.



Quoting Joshua Nwokeji <J.Nwokeji at>:

Dear all!

I am currently learning how to use Z3 SMT solver. I program in Java, unfortunately, Z3 does not interface with Java. Luckily , I read about Isabelle but I don't have an idea on how to use it, nor how to invoke Z3 from Isabelle.

Please I will appreciate any help offered to me in this regard, especially if there is a link I can download detailed and self explanatory tutorial on how to Invoke Z3 from Isabelle.


Joshua  Nwokeji
School of Engineering and Information Sciences (EIS),
Middlesex University, London

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