Re: [isabelle] Fresh Install


being over several hurdles now, the Cygwin on WinXP (downloaded on March 1) is still not stable. From time to time there is a crash - like the one below. Can anyone tell me more about the messages? It emerged from a very basic theory file (A --> A).


$ isabelle make -B
cygpath: can't convert empty path
Running HOL-Theorien ...
Browser info at /home/Jens/.isabelle/Isabelle2011-1/browser_info/HOL/Theorien 2 [main] sh 3652 C:\CygWin\root\bin\sh.exe: *** fatal error - internal error reading the windows environment - too many environment variables?
(see also /home/Jens/.isabelle/Isabelle2011-1/heaps/polyml-5.4.0_x86-cygwin/log/HOL-Theorien)

> val it = (): unit
val commit = fn: unit -> bool
Loading theory "simple"
val it = (): unit
### Browser info: cannot access session index of "/home/Jens/.isabelle/Isabelle2011-1/browser_info/HOL" *** System command failed: mkdir -p '/home/Jens/.isabelle/Isabelle2011-1/browser_info/HOL/Theorien/outline'

IsaMakefile:25: recipe for target `/home/Jens/.isabelle/Isabelle2011-1/heaps/polyml-5.4.0_x86-cygwin/log/HOL-Theorien.gz' failed make: *** [/home/Jens/.isabelle/Isabelle2011-1/heaps/polyml-5.4.0_x86-cygwin/log/HOL-Theorien.gz] Error 1

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