Re: [isabelle] Fresh Install

Hello Makarius,

thank you for the inquiry, but it ain't that easy. From a Win XP machine there are several ways to migrate (with a 64bit OS as target)

a) Win XP/32bit --> Win 7/32bit
b) Win XP/32bit --> Win 7/64bit
c) Win XP/32bit --> Win 7/32bit --> Win 7/64bit
d) Win XP/32bit --> Win XP/64bit --> Win 7/64bit

One problem lies in the availability of familiar packages on Win 7/64 bit. I did a) on one machine and now the LyX document processor, based on MikTex, does not work any longer. MikTex simply does not install on 64bit Windows. MinGW does install. And also CygWin works on Win 7 and thus Isabelle!


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