Re: [isabelle] Isabelle/jEdit search question

On Wed, 21 Mar 2012, Christian Sternagel wrote:

does anyone know whether/how it is possible to search through the output buffer in Isabelle/jEdit (e.g., after print_codesetup, scrolling through all of the output is quite tedious, and all I want to know is where a certain constant is used that misses a code equation).

This is one of the remaining inconveniences in Isabelle/jEdit. The Output window uses a relatively modest HTML component that lacks search facilities. What I usually do in such situations is to copy-paste the text into a regular jEdit buffer and then use the existing tools of the editor for that. (Conceptually, Isabelle/Scala makes sure that text is represented natively according to the underlying platform, here it is UTF-16 on JVM. So it can be moved back and forth both on the JVM and wrt. other applications via the system clipboard.)

Note that copy-paste of HTML Output works via very basic mouse and keyboard operations (with plain C-c), not the jEdit vocabulary that is a bit more advanced.

Anyway, lets hope that Larry Ellison will deliver JavaFx 2.x/3.x for Linux and Mac OS X as promised. Then the Output window can be made a fully-featured HTML5 Webkit browser with all the expected functionality (including video streaming within printed lambda terms :-).


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