[isabelle] Isabelle2012-RC1 available for testing

Dear Isabelle users,

official Isabelle2012 will be rolled-out before the end of the month. Release candidate #1 is now available here:


Some parts of the website are not finished yet, notably the announcement with list of main novelties, but NEWS is already in shape -- with a bit more than 1000 lines of user-relevant changes.

From the system-integration standpoint there are the following main

  * Smart download button right on the front-page (please tell if it does
    not work on your browser and your operating system).

  * Self-extracting archive for Windows (all-inclusive at 770 MB)

  * Z3 for Mac OS (thanks to MSR)

Please try it on your machine, and report any problems either on the mailing list or to me personally.


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