Re: [isabelle] Using system jEdit with bundle

On Wed, 2 May 2012, Aaron W. Hsu wrote:

Is it possible to use the system installed version of jEdit with the Isabelle bundle? Right now it is using the bundled version, which is fine with me, but it would be neat if I could use the newer system installed version.

Sorry, this does not work. All these components are fit together tightly, and cannot be exchanged easily with other versions found in the wild.

Especially for Isabelle/jEdit I've made some fine tuning, with some properties and a few lines of patches for the main code base, apart from adding certain plugin and non-plugin jars in the right spot. Moreover, the user settings directory is specific for each Isabelle version, to keep things disjoint and thus working independently of other jEdits and Isabelle versions.

If you want a newer jEdit right now, you should try Isabelle2012-RC1. It is based on the latest stable jEdit release.


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