Re: [isabelle] Code equations for UNION in Isabelle2012-RC1

Hi Andreas,

> For example, of the following abbreviations, x y and z work, although
> they specialize types, but u does not. What is the fundamental difference?
> abbreviation x :: nat where "x == 0" (* overloaded constant *)
> abbreviation y :: "nat => nat => nat" where "y == op +" (* overloaded
> operator *)
> abbreviation z :: "nat => nat => nat" where "z == power" (* definition
> in type class *)
> abbreviation u :: "(nat => bool) => nat" where "u == Least"

For me (rev. ca5b629a5995), z does not work either.

The argument list given to export_code is parsed as a list of terms, so
abbreviations are expanded.  The result is then checked to be a constant
of an appropriate type with implicit monomorphization of class
operations (cf. Code.read_const).  In your example, x and y are such
instances of class operations;  z and u are not but parametricly
polymorphic (although dependent on a class operation wrt. to the
underlying code equations) and thus need to be specified with their
general type.

Hope this helps,


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