Re: [isabelle] Isabelle on OpenBSD?

Makarius wrote:

> Here is the famous quote from the Isabelle download and installation page:
>    Warning: Pre-packaged versions of Isabelle, Poly/ML, and Proof General
>    floating through the Net as deb, rpm, port etc. are usually incomplete
>    and outdated!
> With the following empiric proof for this general statement against
> homegrown packages:

What would it take to get OpenBSD supported as one of the platforms? I am 
not currently using it because I do not have some of the applications, such 
as Isabelle that my current research requires, but I would like to move back 
to OpenBSD if I could.  I would be willing to work on the porting efforts if 
someone could point me to some information on what is normally required to 
build an Isabelle bundle.

Looking at Poly/ML, I note that it appears to want static address ranges for 
a database, which, if I am reading correctly, could require some work, since 
OpenBSD uses randomized memory allocation.  On the other hand, so do many of 
the Linux systems out there today, so I suspect that I am misunderstanding 
some of the Poly/ML porting guidelines. 

I will probably not start on a port right away, but if there is interest, I 
will definitely add it to my list.

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