[isabelle] isabelle2012-rc3\isabelle.exe removed by Norton when executed

I unpacked "Isabelle2012-RC3.exe", and then I executed "isabelle2012-rc3\isabelle.exe". Norton didn't like the file being executed and deleted it. Norton gives the message "A program was behaving suspiciously on your computer. This program was blocked and removed."

I unpacked "Isabelle2012-RC3.exe" again and scanned "isabelle.exe" with Norton "Insight Network Scan", and it passes the virus scan. I did a "Norton File Insight" scan on it, and reports that there's not enough info on it to recommend it. I executed it again, and Norton blocked and deleted it again.

I don't see any instructions in the folder ""isabelle2012-rc3" or http://isabelle.in.tum.de/website-Isabelle2012-RC3/ that tells me anything about how to start Isabelle.

It's no big deal. I guess I start it up like I did Isabelle2011, except using the Cygwin that's distributed with it now. I haven't tried to do that yet.


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