Re: [isabelle] isabelle2012-rc3\isabelle.exe removed by Norton when executed

On Sat, 19 May 2012, gottfried.barrow at wrote:

I unpacked "Isabelle2012-RC3.exe" again and scanned "isabelle.exe" with Norton "Insight Network Scan", and it passes the virus scan. I did a "Norton File Insight" scan on it, and reports that there's not enough info on it to recommend it. I executed it again, and Norton blocked and deleted it again.

The Isabelle.exe is generated by

I can't say why some malware checkers like or dislike some executables.

I don't see any instructions in the folder ""isabelle2012-rc3" or that tells me anything about how to start Isabelle.

There is more text in

The hope is that users either guess the purpose of "Cygwin-Terminal" and "Cygwin-Setup" from the Isabelle directory layout, or find their way to the explicit text.

In the terminal you can use "isabelle jedit" etc. as before, hopefully without odd antivirus tools getting in between.


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