Re: [isabelle] Display Draft in Jedit

On Sun, 20 May 2012, Christine Sherif Rizkallah wrote:

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to display drafts for isabelle files opened in jedit?

The Isabelle command for that is called 'display_drafts' as before, although Proof General might have had a menu function for that.

Since Isabelle/jEdit still lacks first-class support for diagnostic commands, one needs to type it carefully into the buffer; several
instances might pop up asynchronously due to continued editing.

Trying this myself on Linux, I now realize that an old Mac OS problem has come back. Since PDF_VIEWER="xdg-open" is now the default on Linux, which is asynchronous by itself, some extra workaround is needed. See

Anyway, I rarely use display_drafts or print_drafts these days. The Isabelle/jEdit buffer display quality with the IsabelleText font is reasonable, and the standard Print function of jEdit does a surprisingly good job for it. So in the long run, these latex-based draft commands might well disappear -- I've had to repair them too many times over the years.


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