Re: [isabelle] isabelle2012-rc3\isabelle.exe removed by Norton when executed

On 5/20/2012 3:48 AM, Makarius wrote:
On Sat, 19 May 2012, gottfried.barrow at wrote:

I unpacked "Isabelle2012-RC3.exe" again and scanned "isabelle.exe" with Norton "Insight Network Scan", and it passes the virus scan. I did a "Norton File Insight" scan on it, and reports that there's not enough info on it to recommend it. I executed it again, and Norton blocked and deleted it again.

The Isabelle.exe is generated by

I can't say why some malware checkers like or dislike some executables.

Again, I don't care that Norton deletes the launcher, but as Isabelle goes mainstream in the Windows world, such a thing could create more complaints than you'd like. Norton is a big player in anti-virus.

I'll give my two cents about your Isabelle.exe not getting past Norton.

First, I've downloaded and executed hundreds of cracked and hacked Windows applications, and many, many didn't pass Norton's initial scan, or they got shut down by Norton after I executed them.

Second, I know that Norton is more aggressive, which results in false positives. I know this because it has flagged applications hacked by certain hacker groups that don't have a reputation for malicious hacking, and which other forum commenters weren't complaining about as being infected.

Third, though Norton has flagged hacked applications that I didn't think were infected, I've also executed hundreds of free applications from reputable sites, and I can't remember Norton shutting any of them down.

Fourth, any hacking is going to be the attaching of the hacker's code to the normal code and jumping around in the code. Launch4j is executing other people's code, so it kind of fits that description.

It could be that less skilled hackers have used launch4j code to hack applications, with the result being that Norton has some kind of signature on Launch4j code because it's been used by hackers. That's speculation on my part. I'm not a hacker.

Fifth, surely there is code out there that will execute Isabelle without getting shut down by Norton. I say that because, ASSIGN, a hacking group, has hacked many an application that Norton is completely happy with.

I don't see any instructions in the folder ""isabelle2012-rc3" or that tells me anything about how to start Isabelle.

There is more text in

For the 2011 release,, the basic install instructions are on the download page. I guess that, the new download icon, and the deleting of the executable confused me. You might consider putting the installation.html link at the top, under the download icon.


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