Re: [isabelle] $HOME, $USER_HOME, and how I call "bin/isabelle" commands with batch/bash files

On Sun, 20 May 2012, gottfried.barrow at wrote:

However, I'll show how I call "bin/isabelle" commands through a combination of a batch file and a bash file, which I do so that I don't have to start a Cygwin command window, and then type in something like "isabelle jedit" in Cygwin.

This is also related to the fact that my Norton 360 anti-virus deletes my "Isabelle2012-RC3\Isabelle.exe", though it's not a problem for me, because I prefer to change my Isabelle home folder anyway.

To call jEdit, and change my home folders, I put this in "isajedit-2012.bat":

You can also imitate what the Launch4j wrapper does, see the included config file of it. With a fixed directory location one should be able to turn the whole .exe into a plain Windows application alias.

The JVM entry point is src/Pure/System/main.scala and the init function in src/Pure/System/isabelle_system.scala -- it basically redirects HOME to user.home given by the JVM.

This hint is only for Isabelle2012 -- I might find new ways to makes things simpler and more robust over time.

    <opt>-Disabelle.home=&quot;%EXEDIR%&quot; -Dcygwin.root=&quot;%EXEDIR%\\contrib\\cygwin-1.7.9&quot;</opt>

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