Re: [isabelle] naming facts

On Tue, 22 May 2012, John Wickerson wrote:

So, my current solution is to have an emacs macro that generates a sequence of 5 random letters when I press "C-c d", which I use to name my facts. I find this works rather well; I've not had a clash yet, and I don't have to engage my brain at all. Here's a little snippet from my current theory, to illustrate:

with iecss and "0.prems"(2) have
  dakuy: "set S = set (initials (Graph V \<Lambda> E))" and
  iuqxi: "set (initials (Graph V \<Lambda> E)) = set V" by auto
from pqshe have wsegy: "set E = {}" by auto
hence hkimj: "E = []" by auto

A funny thing that I've seen recently on some non-prover tool is this: use SHA1 digest on the content and restrict it to a unique prefix according to the totality of such hashes in a certain context. This gives you 1-3 strange letters in most situations.

Lamport has his own naming scheme, with full paths according to proof structure, and compressed versions thereof.

In Isabelle/Isar the basic attitude is that explicit names are relatively rare, so complete naming is avoided by default. You also have implicit "this" and "calculation" to work with.


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