Re: [isabelle] Dark jEdit color themes

On Thu, 17 May 2012, Aaron W.  Hsu wrote:

I was playing with the EditorScheme plugin in Isabelle the other day trying to get a darker color scheme, but I noticed that much of the text in Isabelle did not follow what I expected. Instead, the highlighted text inside of a quote remained black despite changes in the background colors and other elements.

Theming of Isabelle/jEdit is not very realistic at the moment. There are three main sources of information for colors and font-styles:

  * jEdit syntax highlight tables

  * isabelle.css and isabelle-jedit.css from the Isabelle distribution

  * hardwired colors in src/Tools/jEdit/src/isabelle_rendering.scala

All of this is fine-tuned to make colors coincide with jEdit defaults, e.g. the typical Slava Pestov hues of blue in the source buffer and the output window, say of 'print_statement'.

At some stage I would like to have only css specifications of the theme, but it would then also be in conflict with such third party plugins.

Interestingly, the EditorScheme plugin seems to have its own workarounds already: it "knows" about certain other plugins and then modifies their respective properties.


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