Re: [isabelle] avoid rechecking an imported theory

On Fri, 25 May 2012, li yongjian wrote:

Dear Isabelle experts:
  my theory imports two pre theory of my own.

For example,
theory test imports myTheory1 myTheory2
begin ..

myTheory1 myTheory2 have been checked and passed.

But after load test.thy each time, myTheory1 and myTheory2 will be
loaded and checked by Isabelle again. If the two theories are long,
I need some time to wait.

How to avoid rechecking the two theories?

This depends on your mode of operation. From the implicit description abive I can merely guess that you are working interactively, with Proof General or Isabelle/jEdit?

Theories are only reloaded on startup or when they have been changed. If you want to avoid slow startup, you can wrap up the imports as a separate "session" image, see "isabelle usedir" in the system manual

Such images are read-only. There are also ways to work in write-back mode, but they are now difficult to use in most practical situations.

You can also avoid shutting down, by suspending your operating system session.


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