Re: [isabelle] Add abbreviations in jEdit

On Fri, 25 May 2012, Abdullah wrote:

I try to add some abbreviations to the framework such as (\<models>
and \<Diamond>). but is not appear in jEdit. however, when I add \<in>
is appear. I do not know where is the problem and why to of
abbreviations appear and other not.

What exactly do you mean by "add" and "appear"? Did you try to change any Isabelle configuration files or jEdit properties for it?

Anyway, in Isabelle2012/etc/symbols there are already many predefined symbols, with unicode rendering and optional ASCII abbreviation. This table coincides with the one for LaTeX, which is shown as Appendix B of

In particular see the predefined symbols:


In principle, you can also define your own symbols in $ISABELLE_HOME_USER/etc/symbols, but it requires some care and some planning to avoid confusion with Unicode assignment, and other people who don't have the same symbol table.

As a start it is better to use what is there already.


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