[isabelle] Index & Bibliography aren't in the TOC for isar-ref.pdf

FROM: Re: [isabelle] Help file for commands such as "declare [[show_types]]" because jEdit lacks PG features

On 5/23/2012 5:58 PM, Makarius wrote:
The isar-ref manual also has a formally generated index with hyperlinks.


I suppose one reason I didn't find "show_types" in isar-ref.pdf is because "Index" isn't listed in the table of contents. I was looking at the table of contents to see what was there, and I've seen in the past that many of the documentation PDFs don't have an index.

In general, "References", "Index", and "Bibliography" don't show up in the table of contents for many of the PDFs in your documentation.

But, "Bibliography" and "Index" are in the table of contents for "implementation.pdf". I guess you need to add some "\addcontentsline"s to the other PDFs.

If you're taking requests for your use of the LaTeX hyperref package, please add "\hypersetup{bookmarksnumbered=true}" so that the PDF sections in the bookmarks also get numbered.


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