Re: [isabelle] Help file for commands such as "declare [[show_types]]" because jEdit lacks PG features

On 5/25/2012 8:44 PM, Gerwin Klein wrote:
Thanks, Lars. I didn't find "find_theorems" in any of the docs, but I found some examples here:
Chapter 8 of the isar reference manual describes the command, as well as a few other diagnostic commands that may come in handy.

The PG menu just passes the string you type to the find_theorems command, it's the same implementation.


Being in the habit of using the Acrobat search is what messed me up. The phrase "find_theorems" is listed in the index, but I had searched on "find", and it didn't show up in the search, so I didn't even think about the index. "Reliable" is the key word; searching on "show types" in Acrobat had found me some "show_types".


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