[isabelle] includes bundle works only in first case

Hi all,

I stumbled across the following (unexpected) behaviour: If I do an Isar proof of multiple goals I have refined the proof state by including a bundle prior to the opening "proof", the "next" separator deletes the bundle.

Here's an example:

definition test :: "'a list => 'a list" where "test xs = []"
bundle test = test_def[simp]
lemma shows "test xs = []" and "test ys = []"
  including test
proof -
  show "test xs = []" by simp
  show "test ys = []" by simp (* fails *)

Surprisingly, it works if I nest the multiple goals inside a block:

proof -
    show "test xs = []" by simp
    show "test ys = []" by simp (* works *)

Is this behaviour intended?


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