Re: [isabelle] Isabelle operator precedence

Am Montag, den 05.11.2012, 15:23 +0100 schrieb Holger Blasum:
> Dear all,
> while it is mostly "intuitive" I would like to have a clearer view of 
> operator precedence in Isabelle. Attached is what I quickly reverse-
> engineered on a train ride on the long weekend. Is it correct? Is there 
> already any explicit information on this (beyond using 
> Isabelle -> Settings -> Display -> Show Brackets in PG)?
> Thanks,

When I'm not sure about operator precedence I just add the parenthesis
where I want to have them and then look at the Isabelle output. If the
parenthesis is removed I know that they where superfluous.

 - Johannes

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