Re: [isabelle] Automatic derivation of a total order on datatypes

Am 14.11.2012 16:55, schrieb René Thiemann:
>> I'm now using the version of the .tgz above and it works \o/.
>> Is it somehow possible, though, to disable the trace output? There are
>> thousands of (debug?) lines spit into the trace window whenever I use a
>> "derive linorder foo"...
> Tracing is now disabled, both in the AFP development version and in the .tgz-version 
> for Isabelle2012. You can download the new file at the same URL:

Thanks :). Is it (btw) intended that the generated hashfunctions are not
automatically marked as code-equations? At the moment I do:

derive hashable com
lemmas[code] = hashcode_com_def bounded_hashcode_com_def

- René
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