Re: [isabelle] Highlight sorry in jEdit

On Fri, 16 Nov 2012, Johannes Hölzl wrote:

Ah, my statement was not intended to be an actual observation of the Isabelle repository. As the question was asked on isabelle-users I assumed that Joachim does not run the development version of Isabelle and I wanted to give him an glimpse of a possible future release of Isabelle.

"Possible future" is the historically correct term, but predictions are hard, especicially about the future. Here on isabelle-users the assumption is that people are working with real releases, and are not engaging in the painful path between them, where things might come and go in non-monotonic ways.

But to store the information for the archive: in revision a3bede207a04 of the repository Isabelle/jEdit nicely marks "sorry" in red :-)

Quotation of changeset ids only makes sense on the isabelle-dev list, which is about ongoing moves. The most basic syntactic criterion to distinguish the two mailing lists (approximatvively) is this:

* isabelle-users: everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask, about working with official Isabelle releases (lets say approx. the 2-3 most recent ones for serious work, older ones for historical anecdotes)

* isabelle-dev: discussion over changes (with proper changeset ids) and administrative chores around the development process etc.


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