Re: [isabelle] Started auction theory toolbox; announcement, next steps, and questions

On Fri, 16 Nov 2012, Christoph LANGE wrote:

jEdit is not very good at soft line-breaks,

Not having much previous jEdit experience I simply had hoped that a modern editor would be good at that (even recent versions of dinosaurs such as Emacs are), and somehow denied that it didn't work so well after all.

Depends what you mean by "modern" and "editor".

jEdit is a very capable "programmer's editor" is it advertizes itself, but not a word processor. Program text is hardly ever soft-wrapped, so relatively little has been invested in this area. It you take Isar sources, things like {* ... *} are a separate token anyway, like " ... ". Would you expect from a source-code editor to wrap lines within string literals?

Nonetheless, I can myself imagine Isabelle/jEdit doing something for
text {* ... *} blocks within Isar source, but that has to be specific to the language, meaning I have to sit down and provide that functionality.
(As I did already for many other things.)


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