Re: [isabelle] nat_code Equation

Am 30.11.2012 15:47, schrieb René Thiemann:
> I would imagine a much simpler equation where
> the proof is also simple.
> lemma [code]: "nat k = (if k ≤ 0 then 0 else Suc (nat (k - 1)))"
> proof (cases k)
>   case (nonneg n)
>   show ?thesis unfolding nonneg
>     by (induct n, auto)
> qed simp

Why not something tail-recursive, which, under the assumption that the
compiler cannot optimize the above into something tail-recursive, should
perform even better (probably except for Haskell):

fun nat' :: "int ⇒ nat ⇒ nat" where
  "nat' k accu = (if k ≤ 0 then accu else nat' (k - 1) (Suc accu))"

lemma nat'_correct:
  "nat' k l = nat k + l"
proof (cases k)
  case (nonneg n)
  show ?thesis unfolding nonneg
    by (induct n arbitrary: l) simp_all
qed simp

lemma [code]: "nat k = nat' k 0"
unfolding nat'_correct by simp

- René

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