Re: [isabelle] Isabelle/jEdit and Fonts

On Mon, 8 Oct 2012, Aaron W. Hsu wrote:

I am trying to examine the possibility of using some different fonts with jEdit in Isabelle. My normal 5.0 version of jEdit with my Java runtime works fine to give me certain fonts (FreeFont, OTF, in particular), and I have checked that it has the glyphs that I care about, but for some reason, the Isabelle/jEdit instance is not giving me those fonts as an option. Is there some way to get this? Is it just that it is running with a different JVM version, or is it something in the way jEdit is combined with Isabelle, or something else entirely?

The easiest way to make OTF fonts work with the classic JVM 1.6 that is bundled with Isabelle2012 is to use fontforge to convert to TTF, and place the results in ~/.fonts/ in the usual way. You should then load Isabelle2012/etc/symbols with the UTF8-isabelle encoding to see if everything works out.

Generally, arbitrary selections of Linux packages with a substring "jdk" or "jedit" or "scala" in the name won't work together by default to host Isabelle/jEdit adequately. OpenJDK 1.6 is not worth trying -- I gave up on it 1-2 years ago. OpenJDK 1.7 is a bit better, but not quite there yet, and Isabelle2012 requires 1.6 anyway.

It is one of the big advantages of Isabelle/jEdit that it is not at the mercy of accidental packages found on the user's system, unlike Proof General with its constant worries about Emacs varieties.

What is your "normal 5.0 version of jEdit" exactly? I've been testing 5.0pre1 myself several weeks, until I had to revert to stable 4.5.2 due to I/O dropouts on Linux with the 5.0 testing branch. The jEdit maintainers seem to be lagging behind their original release plans for 5.0 for several weeks. Although that is not really relevant for Isabelle/jEdit, since it comes with its statically bundled jEdit 4.5.1 distribution, a version that has been tested a lot. (It is also slightly patched to make advanced text rendering work in the first place, see also


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