[isabelle] (Unexpected) Problems with isabelle make on Windows/Cygwin

Dear Isabelle Users,

I had to reinstall my Isabelle2012 on Windows and now I´m having some
unexpected problems with
"isabelle make" when preparing document sessions.

So far I was using RC2 (I think this was the name) and everything was
working properly. This
time I downloaded the official release.

Below I paste the error messages as they appear in the Cygwin terminal. I
have little clue with
respect to what they are conveying.

Many thanks for any help on that!

AlfioMartini at AlfioMartini-PC~/Isabelle/Metodos-Formais/Provas/P1-2012-02-gab
$ isabelle mkdir HOL p1mf201202gab
Preparing session "p1mf201202gab" ...
creating ./IsaMakefile
creating ./p1mf201202gab/ROOT.ML
creating ./p1mf201202gab/document
creating ./p1mf201202gab/document/root.tex


  * 'isabelle make' processes the session (including document preparation)

  * ./IsaMakefile contains compilation options and file dependencies

  * ./p1mf201202gab/document/root.tex contains the LaTeX master document

  * ./p1mf201202gab/ROOT.ML needs to contain ML code to load all theories

AlfioMartini at AlfioMartini-PC~/Isabelle/Metodos-Formais/Provas/P1-2012-02-gab
$ isabelle make
Running HOL-p1mf201202gab ...
Browser info at
Bad address
No error
HOL-p1mf201202gab FAILED
(see also

> val it = (): unit
val commit = fn: unit -> bool

### Browser info: cannot access session index of

*** System command failed: mkdir -p

IsaMakefile:25: recipe for target
og/HOL-p1mf201202gab.gz' failed
make: ***
 Error 1

AlfioMartini at AlfioMartini-PC~/Isabelle/Metodos-Formais/Provas/P1-2012-02-gab
Alfio Ricardo Martini
Associate Professor at Faculty of Informatics (PUCRS)
Coordenador do Curso de Ciência da Computação
Av. Ipiranga, 6681 - Prédio 32 - Faculdade de Informática
90619-900 -Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil

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