Re: [isabelle] "Unknown ISABELLE_JEDIT_BUILD_HOME -- missing auxiliary component"

On Wed, 10 Oct 2012, Walther Neuper wrote:

Installation of Isabelle2012 is easier than ever before, thanks !

For creating an appropriate setup, however, we have too little understanding of the respective scripts (Admin/makedist: ISABELLE_JEDIT_BUILD_HOME="$OPTARG" ?) --- and ask for help:

(1) We have Isabelle2012 (from the official bundle, perfectly working) at
  and our working directory (containing the updated Isabelle repository) at

(2) we 'cannibalise' the official release
       Isabelle2012$ cp -r etc/ ../isabisac
       Isabelle2012$ cp -r contrib/ ../isabisac

(3) but with (3) we lost ISABELLE_JEDIT_BUILD_HOME:

/usr/local/isabisac$ bin/isabelle jedit test/Tools/isac/Test_2012.thy &
       /usr/local/isabisac$ ### Building Isabelle/jEdit ...
       Unknown ISABELLE_JEDIT_BUILD_HOME -- missing auxiliary component

How do we get appropriate settings ?

The "cp -r" above looses file-system meta-info, such that the jedit self-build script thinks it has to be made afresh, but the release does not have the bootstrap component for that, because it is normally not required. On a GNU system, "cp -a" does a better job.

Anyway, you should be able to register your own Isabelle add-on component (e.g. in Isabelle2012/etc/components) without taking the existing Isabelle2012 bundle apart.

If you are hooked on some Isabelle repository version and merely need the add-on component that is a different story, which is explained in README_REPOSITORY of the ever-rolling tip.


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