Re: [isabelle] (Unexpected) Problems with isabelle make on Windows/Cygwin

On Thu, 11 Oct 2012, Alfio Martini wrote:

Although I will still keep using JEdit/Isabelle in the W7 setup (it is just me or does the jEdit interface looks much nicer in windows that in the linux environment?),

The 2D rendering engine of Java is a bit better on Windows by default. Speaking of Isabelle2012, it is still classic Java 1.6. The situation might change again for Java 1.7.

when running "isabelle jedit" in Linux i get the following error message (failed to start Isabelle Process: Return Code 127).

In the "Prover Session/Syslog" there was only this message:

    Error code 127;

In principle there should be more error text somewhere. 127 alone means that the executable is somehow broken. You might have 64bit Linux with the 32bit version of Isabelle2012. You either need to get the native 64bit version, or install the missing 32bit shared libraries for C/C++ on Linux.

For the next release, there will be just a "Linux" download both for 32/64bit.


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