Re: [isabelle] (Unexpected) Problems with isabelle make on Windows/Cygwin

Hello Alfio,

> Although I will still keep using JEdit/Isabelle in the W7 setup (it is just
> me or
> does the jEdit interface looks much  nicer in windows that in the linux
> environment?), when running "isabelle jedit" in Linux i get the following
> error message (failed to start Isabelle Process: Return Code 127).
> In the "Prover Session/Syslog" there was only this message:
>      Error code 127;

This also happens to me sometimes when I use Isabelle/jedit on my old 
T30 thinkpad with just 1 Gig of RAM. Did you assign enough memory to
your virtual machine (1 Gig is boundary area)? Another "quick fix" 
(less beautiful) in situations with little memory is to invoke 
Isabelle with the proof general interface.



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