Re: [isabelle] (Unexpected) Problems with isabelle make on Windows/Cygwin

On Thu, 11 Oct 2012, Holger Blasum wrote:

This also happens to me sometimes when I use Isabelle/jedit on my old
T30 thinkpad with just 1 Gig of RAM. Did you assign enough memory to
your virtual machine (1 Gig is boundary area)?

Could well be. If poly does not manage to load its initial environment, the error feedback by the Isabelle process is not very friendly.

Generally, the hardware baseline for Isabelle2012 is 2 GB / 2 cores. This means a mid-range laptop from 3 years ago or high-end "air" model from today should work smoothly. The mid-range hardware from today is already at 6 GB / 4 cores and the high-end at 8 GB / 8 cores -- I've just checked at FNAC Paris last Saturday.

Netbooks or other tiny portable devices won't work.


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