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		      Call for Organisers - ICTAC 2014
   International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing (ICTAC)

Background and Objectives

The International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing
(ICTAC) was founded in 2004 by the International Institute for
Software Technology of the United Nations University (UNU-IIST).
The aim of the colloquium is to bring together practitioners and
researchers from academia, industry and government to present
research results, and exchange experience, ideas, and solutions for
their problems in theoretical aspects of computing. Beyond these
scholarly goals, another main purpose of the conference is to
promote cooperation in research and education between participants
and their institutions, from developing and industrial countries.

The event takes place every year in a developing country. Each
conference attracts between 50 and 100 participants from all over
the world. We now invite proposals from any group or institution
wishing to host this event. The priority is for the event to be
located in a developing country. It usually combines a regular
scientific conference with related activities such as tutorials and
a summer school. Innovation in the format and content is

Proposals will be evaluated by the ICTAC steering committee.

Proposal Format and Submission

Proposals should be no more than four pages in length and should contain:
      * Brief description of why the event is of interest to the proposer.
      * Vision for the event, including its aims, the expected format and scale.
      * A description of the relevant qualifications and experience of the
proposers, especially regarding conference organisation logistics.
      * A description of the facilities that will be available for the event and
to support the organizers.
      * The contact information of the proposed organising committee.
Please send your proposal (in PDF format) and any enquiries to ictac at cs.york.ac.uk.

Important Dates

Submission of proposals: 11 January, 2013		
Notification of results: 28 February, 2013

Steering Committee

Ana Cavalcanti, UK
John Fitzgerald, UK
Martin Leucker, Germany
Zhiming Liu, Macao
Tobias Nipkow, Germany
Augusto Sampaio, Brazil
Natarajan Shankar, USA


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