Re: [isabelle] Simpl in AFP release for 2011-1 does not build

On 05.09.2012 11:40, Lars Noschinski wrote:
So it seems this AFP release is not the right one for 2011-1, but this
holds also for afp-2011-04-01.tar.gz -- so is there anywhere an AFP
release, which works with Isabelle 2011-1 out-of-the-box?

I now looked at the AFP repository. The version there tagged with Isabelle2011-1 is a lot newer (despite dating from 2011-10-10) then afp-2011-11-27.tar.gz, which is refered to on [1] as the release for Isabelle 2011-1. More importantly, it works.

Can we fix the AFP webpage to point to a correct version of the AFP for 2011-1?


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