Re: [isabelle] PG/Isabelle: Problem with Auto-Trace options (with workaround)

Am 05.09.2012 15:42, schrieb Makarius:
> On Wed, 5 Sep 2012, René Neumann wrote:
>> (some of) the options set for Isabelle in ProofGeneral (like "Auto
>> Solve Direct", "Auto Quickcheck") are not active, even though they are
>> enabled. I don't know whether this bug lives in PG or in Isabelle...
>> Anyways: A normal workaround is to disable and enable these options
>> again in the menu -- which is cumbersome.
> I am myself no longer involved in Proof General maintenance since almost
> 1 year. 

I know this. My mail was just in line of "I coded a workaround; whoever
might need it, can use it".

> Right now the few active people on the proofgeneral-devel mailing list
> have switched into PG 4.2 release mode, so it is the right time to make
> some progress, not just keeping the status quo (where the above issue is
> a well-known part of).

This is of course reasonable. I'll see what kind of awareness can be raised.

- René

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