Re: [isabelle] custom serialization for records

Hi Florian,

Le 05/04/2013 14:40, Florian Haftmann a écrit :
Hi Abdou,

When using the code generator, I need to map a record type to another
record type definition.

I used the code_type to specify the record type mapping, and a
code_const for each selector,
but the export_code command returned the following error:

exception Match raised (line 239 of "~~/src/Tools/Code/code_ml.ML")

Can anyone help me on this please?
I am optimistic, but you should post your (minimal) example on this list
in order to enable others to assist you.


Actually, I understood in the meantime what was wrong,
in addition to the code_type for the record type and the code_const for the selectors,
I had to add code_const for the update functions also.

In a similar problem with datatype definitions, I added code_type for the datatype,
and code_const for each datatype constructor.

This might help if anyone is experiencing the same problem,



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