Re: [isabelle] Need Isabelle 2010 and installation tutorial

Dear Geng,

I am not aware of Isabelle 2010, most likely you mean the Isabelle version which was released in 2010, which was Isabelle2009-2. Several recent Isabelle releases are available from

which is admittedly not that easy to find:

  2) -> Installation
  3) -> archive

On the website of the desired release (assuming it is Isabelle2009-2) there is "Download & Support" with a link to "installation instructions".



On 04/13/2013 05:47 AM, geng chen wrote:
Dear All,

I am a rookie to Isabelle. Now I have a Isabelle source file needs to be
run on Isabelle 2010. But I can not find any where to download that
version. Could anyone help me to send me some link or anything else and
give me a installation tutorial for Isabelle 2010 on linux or windows. Many

Best regards,


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