Re: [isabelle] Two problems about emacs and jedit

On Fri, 12 Apr 2013, jiangdc wrote:

I installed Isabelle2013 with emacs23 on Ubuntu 12.04.

And when I use jedit, if I typed a key word incorrectly, e.g. typing "shwo" instead of "show", sometimes I can not edit the file any more. I can save the file by mous, but I have to re-open jedit for further editing. This problem also happens several times when I type "with" and "thus" incorrectly several times.

This sounds a bit odd. I wonder if it is a genuine GUI and popup management problem that some people have reported on certain window managers.

Is your Ubuntu 12.04 just the standard configuration, or do you have your own window manager (e.g. xmonad, awesome)? Do you have 32bit or 64bit Linux?

There is some chance that the problem is caused by the sidekick completion popup. The menu "Plugins / Plugin Options / SideKick / General" opens some dialog box with "Code Completion Options" at the bottom. This allows to change the GUI reactivity here, e.g. "After popup trigger keystroke, wait (seconds)" to slow down the popup. In Isabelle2012 that used to be 0.3 seconds.

These are just some ideas to try. It might need several attempts to pin down such problems of real-time reactivity.


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