[isabelle] Problems with proof terms


I’m currently trying to do some experiments using proof terms in Isabelle,
but I’m having some difficulty getting it to work. I’m working in the
HOL-Proofs heap. To illustrate, if I have the simple lemma:

theory ProofTermTest

imports Main


  lemma t: "A ∧ B --> A"

    apply (rule impI)

   apply (elim conjE)

   apply assumption



   prf t

   full_prf t

gives the error message “reconstruct_proof: minimal proof object”.

I also had a go at the ML level, but


  val prf = Proofterm.proof_of (Proofterm.strip_thm (Thm.proof_body_of @{thm

  Pretty.writeln (Proof_Syntax.pretty_proof @{context} prf);


only prints `?’.

Does anyone have any experience working with proof terms and if so, can you
point out where I’m going wrong?


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